The Punjab Agriculture Department has made significant headway in transforming the cropping sector of Punjab. Through structural innovation, the decision-making process within the department has been made more inclusive and informed. One such initiative is the recently established Punjab Agriculture Commission which is a multi-stakeholder body mandated with ensuring that all policy decisions regarding the agriculture sector are aligned with farmer’s needs. The Commission has also been assigned the task of providing problem solving insights from the farmers perspective and thus the members of the commission comprise of practicing progressive farmers, academia, professionals from the agriculture industry, politicians, government officials, and development professionals. Thus, mandate of the commission is not only limited to the agriculture department but also includes other related departments.

The commission brings together the most bright and experienced minds to reform the agriculture sector in Punjab. Rigorous debate and discussion in the commission help chalk out solutions to challenging problems that the sector faces. The upcoming Punjab Agriculture Policy will be the first of its kind document that will provide the agriculture sector a roadmap to success. The commission is committed to constant endeavors in revolutionizing agriculture in Punjab. Through its various sub-committees, the best available minds of the field are tackling agriculture sector reform issue by issue. The commission has also made sure that farmers advice is not left ignored thus members of farmer associations and progressive farmers are part of the commission. Through this initiative of the of the Punjab government the farmer has been empowered to reform his own future for the better.