Kissan Package - Kissan Ke Kaam Huwy Assan

With the aim to facilitate the farmers of our Punjab for a prosperous Pakistan CM Punjab has taken another visionary step in the form of “Khadim-e- Punjab Kissan Package”. This package aims at assisting our farmers by providing loans, subsidies on Urea and DAP fertilizers, prvision of free seeds of cotton and other reliefs on machinery.

The agrarian soil of Punjab vitalize the economy of Pakistan, thus to support our farmer brothers financially an interest free loan package of 100 billion rupees has been announced for the farmers possessing 12 acres of land. Six lack farmers throughout the Punjab will be provided financial support through this loan. Farmers owing 5 acres of land will also be given prioritized loans . Tents are also beneficiaries of this package, for the first time in the history of Pakistan.

For the Khareef Corps loan of Rs. 40,000 per acre and for Rabi Corps loan of Rs. 25,000 per acre is being provided with the aim to serve those farmers who serve the motherland with their heart and soul.

The momentum of progress and development that has initiated with the “Khadim-e-Punjab Kissan Package” takes another leap by the incentive of providing subsidies on various agricultural items. 

A subsidy of Rs. 500 million is being provided on the Potash fertilizer.  For  Salphate of Potash (SOP) 800 rupees per bag and for Murate of Potash (MOP) 500 rupees per bag subsidy is being offered to our farmers. In this regard ‘‘Subsidy vouchers’’ are being introduced for a better and clean delivery of subsidy to the farmers in Punjab with the aim to enhance the use of fertilizers for enhancing land fertility.

The journey of helping our farmers does not end here, by “The Seed Replacement program” journey continues to provide disease-free and cost efficient seed of wheat to the farmers throughout the Province. Every year seeds worth of 300 million rupees will be provided throughout the Punjab.

Federal Government joins hand in hand by dropping the price of electricity from 8.85 per unit to 5.35. Government of Punjab keeping in mind the problem of irrigation has allotted 4 billion rupees for electric tube-wells. Agriculture friendly policy of Federal and Punjab Governments has ensured the availability of fertilizers, for this 39 billion rupees are being spent.
Urea fertilizer’s price has dropped from 1800 to 1400 per bag and DAP’s from 2800 to 2500. 

Two High-tech mechanization centers are to be installed in every district of Punjab.

With the assistance of World Bank 36 billion rupees are being spent for the irrigation convenience network and  dripped sprinkle system. Technical training for the Lesser Land Leveler System along with its availability at half price is being offered to our brothers in fields.

To make the irrigation system more efficient and free from conventional means of electricity, solar systems are being given subsidy of 80% and for Tunnel- farming a subsidy of 50% is available.

With all this, the purpose is to see the farmer of Punjab flourishing and thus giving a push to wheel of economy. Our vision is to facilitate our farmers to every extent, to see our farmer always jolly and celebrating his merriment in fullest of colors.