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Dr. Farrukh Javed
Minister for Agriculture, Punjab
Phone No: 92-42-99203325, Fax: 92-42-99203326

Ali Tahir
Secretary Agriculture, Punjab
Phone No: 92-42-99210499, 99210130


Chief Executive, PARB
Phone No: 92-42-37247591-93
Fax No: 92-41-37247594

Dr. Abid Mehmood
Director General (Research)
Phone No: 92-41-9201671, 9201672
Fax No: 92-41-9201673

Dr. Muhammad Anjum Ali
Director General (Extension)
Phone No: 92-42-99200732
Fax No: 92-42-99200743


Dr. Muhammad Bashir
Director General (Field)
Phone No: 92-42-99200705, 99200769
Fax No: 92-42-99200759

Ch. Muhammad Ashraf
Director General (Water Management)
Phone No: 92-42-99200703
Fax No: 92-42-99200702

Malik Muhammad Fayyaz
Director General (Pest Warning)
Phone No: 92-42-99204371-72
Fax No: 92-99204373

Salman Ejaz
Director General (Soil Survey of Punjab)
Phone No: 92-42-99260121
Fax No: 92-99260123

Muhammad Rafiq Akhtar
Director Agricultural Information
Phone No: 92-42-99200731, 99200729
Fax No: 92-42-99202911

Muhammad Latif
Director Crop Reporting Services
Phone No: 92-42-37244731-32
Fax No: 92-42-37244733

Malik Abid Mehmood
Director Floriculture
Phone No: 92-42-99204230, 99204573

Khaqan Babar
Managing Director, Punjab Seed Corporation
Phone No: 92-42-99212557, 99212571-5
Fax No: 92-42-99212570


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Database Administrator
Website Section
Directorate of Agricultural Information,Punjab





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